PADEAP Uganda Projects

PADEAP started working with refugees in 2001. The project works with urban refugees in Kampala. In 2009 in order to deliver its services and the advocacy work to those living in rural areas PADEAP extended its programme to the refugee settlement of Nakivale.

In Partnership with Global Pan African Movement, the International Refugee Rightsinitiative and the Open Society Justice Initiative the Citizenship Rights in African Initiative(CRAI) was launched in Kampala in 2007. CRAI is a campaign dedicated to endingstatelessness and the arbitrary denial of citizenship in Africa.

The forum is run by PADEAP Uganda in conjunction with its partner HOPE Foundation.It aims at engaging young people to get actively involved in the East African Communityprocesses by being represented in all its institutional frameworks including the EastAfrican Legislative Assembly and formulation of programs that target the youth.


PADEAP work with rural communities to achieve sustainable peace, we work to respond to the immediate needs in conflict zones and offer longer-term training and support to integrate peace building and reconciliation activities into the development process.

Since the Millennium Declaration in 2000, the MDGs have become important tools of monitoring human progress across nations. The eight time-bound goals are aimed at achieving the following by 2015: eradicate extreme poverty and hunger; achieve universal primary education; promote gender equality; reduce child mortality; improve maternal health; combat HIV&AIDS, malaria and other diseases; ensure environmental sustainability; and develop a global partnership for development.