PADEAP Nigeria Community Resource Centre

Opening times

Monday – Friday 9.00am – 6.00pm

Free to PADEAP beneficiaries and members of the public.

PADEAP's community resource centre is an open place for easy interaction among people from diverse cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds. It is also a hub for providing information, training and education.

Its library is extensive and designed to meet needs of all categories of groups within the community especially young people and women. It holds a vast array of books, journals, newspapers, and literature that focus on Pan-African approaches to issues of conflict, human rights, health, youth, gender, politics and Information & Communication Technology.

Our comprehensive computer training and internet services complement the ability of the Resource Centre to link local community members to the outside world in order to achieve the broad aim of enabling them to think globally and act locally for sustainable growth and development among their own communities.

In 2010 – 24,522 people accessed PADEAP community resource centre.

‘PADEAP’s resource centre is just like an oasis in the desert for me here in Katsina State. It has assisted me in terms of reading books and daily newspapers which are hard to find and afford.’ Nasir Suleman

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